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And why not? Are you above it?

Here we have depicted a brilliant method of so doing. For who doesn’t like the taste of danger? This shirt can see what’s going wrong, and never wears shoes without its socks. It’s on your side, but only for awhile, course.

Just wait up. Get nervous sometimes in this shirt. It’s okay, everything’s okay, and we’re all going to be just fine.

This shirt has a way of communicating it.

I’m not sure if this subtle commentary on the endless number shirts that riff on Star Wars or if it’s just supposed to look cool — but I’ll pretend that it’s doing both.

Wait. That made it sound like I don’t really like this one. But I earnestly do. Right behind Boba Fett, R2-D2 is my favorite Star Wars character. More than that tho, I really dig tees that manage to do a good job riffing on how unique our little droid pal can be. This one from Funkrush manages to tweak him a little bit while keeping it fresh — so I have no choice but to give them props of the maddest kind.

Urban Retro exclusive (blue and green)

by Simon Noynay